The science behind why cats purr

The science behind why cats purr - Hemp Well

Cats purr for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is to show contentment. When a cat purrs, it is actually vibrating its vocal chords at a frequency that is soothing to both the cat and the person nearby. Purring can also be a sign of stress or anxiety in some cats.

The science of purring

Purring is a low frequency vibration produced by cats at a rate of 20-30 vibrations per second. This low frequency is produced by muscular contractions in the larynx and diaphragm. Purring has long been thought to be a healing mechanism for cats. Studies have shown that purring can help heal bones and injuries, reduce stress, and build muscle mass. Cats purr when they are content and happy, but they also purr when they are injured or in pain.

There are many theories, but the science behind it is still not fully understood. One theory suggests that purring is a form of self-healing. Cats have an amazing ability to heal and calm themselves.

Another theory suggests that cats purr to communicate with other cats. Authors of a 2008 study found that cats who live in multi-cat homes communicate with their neighbors in loud purrs. These neighbors then move closer to the cat, enhancing their ability to hunt. 

How do cats purr?

Cats purr by vibrating the muscles in their vocal cords, which produces a low-pitched sound. The frequency of the vibration is usually between 20 and 140 Hz, which is similar to the frequency of an earthquake.

The act of purring is beneficial for cats. Discussed earlier, purring has been shown to lower stress levels, help with pain relief, and promote healing. When a cat purrs, their body releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers. Purring also helps cats heal by increasing blood flow and helping bones and muscles

What are the benefits of purring?

Purring is a low-frequency hum that cats make when they are content. It's thought to have multiple benefits for both the cat and their human companions. For the cat, purring may help to heal bones and wounds, ease breathing, and build muscle. For humans, interacting with a purring cat can lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Spend more time with your cats and you can both enjoy the benefits.


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