Cat Parents Want To Know, ‘Where’s The Hemp?’

Cat parents want the best for their pet and seek out cat specific products. Like all pet parents do, and should.

We are often asked, ‘why doesn’t Hemp Well distribute cat specific products?” The short answer is, we are currently developing cat soft chews and a calming liquid. Standby for updates.

View all of our natural and organic supplements intended for cat use. These products are #JustHemp – they do not contain additives that may be harmful to cats and not dogs, for example. Dosage instructions are found on each label and based on your animals weight.

Our Soft Chew products are intended for dog use because of the inactive ingredients that are more favorable to a dogs pallet. Cats are more finicky than other pets. They require different sizes, textures, flavors and shapes.

Developing and distributing a cat soft chew product can be a very expensive proposition for most pet supplement manufacturers. About 7% of sales at your pet supply store are to cat parents, and an even smaller percentage in the cat supplement category.

While we work through the development of our cat line trust that we have your cat’s health in the highest regard. After all it was Ginger, our family’s rescue cat who was the inspiration for Hemp Well’s move in to the pet industry.

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