Captain Marvel’s Cat- Goose the Superhero Takes All The Attention!

Have you watched the new Captain Marvel movie that hit the screens on the 8th of March? If yes, you will know who drew all the attention! Oh yes…It is Captain Marvel’s cat – Goose.  In the Captain Marvel comics, the cat portrayed was Chewie, owned by Carol Danvers. In the movie, the heroine owns a cat named Goose.

Captain Marvel's Cat with tie-Hemp Well

Facts On Captain Marvel’s Cat :

Goose’s role was played by four different cats in the set. They were Reggie, Rizzo Archie, and Gonzo. Reggie was the hero cat in the set among the other cats. The heroine – Larson was allergic to cats and her scenes with goose were shot using cat puppets and CGI cats. The cat character has definitely taken over the screens and has become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now.

Goose the Flerken:

The movie reveals that Goose is not an ordinary household cat though it resembles one. Goose, captain marvel’s cat is a Flerken: an alien species. They can lay eggs and will shoot large tentacles from their mouth. Flerkens are rare in the galaxy world and highly priced. Read more about flerkens here.This movie has definitely set up a great platform for cats this year. Reggie the star cat was spotted wearing a tie to the premiere of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel's Cat Hemp Well

Marvel has also designed a poster for Goose which is already viral worldwide. Inspired by this poster, there is a Korean hashtag that lets people use their own cat’s picture to photo edit into marvel’s poster.

Hopefully, Goose will have more on-screen opportunities to appear in Marvel movies in the future.