Join Hemp Well's vibrant community along with your furry or feathered companion!

We're seeking to collaborate with TikTok and Instagram influencers or petfluencers who have at least 1000 followers. Ideal accounts are those that emphasize pet care, wellness, fun, and health. We primarily focus on the U.S., all enthusiastic pet lovers with a U.S. reach are welcome!

To work only with indiviuals authentic and in love with Hemp Well (almost as much as us!). Generate creative and authentic content. Share your authentic review of sampled products.

Use your creativity in all things, including our collab efforts. With that said, showing pics or vids of Hemp Well and your pet using and giving Hemp Well. Focus on a single product per content piece.

We appreciate content from our products in use and purchase through our retail partners or this website. We proudly welcome our products to your pack, flock or other network. Since 2012, the leader in hemp health for pets.