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  • Calm Cat Oil
  • Calm Cat Oil
  • Calm Cat Oil
  • Calm Cat Oil

Calm Cat Oil

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Keep your cat calm and relaxed with all-natural, all-organic Calm Cat! Use 30 minutes before situational stress.

  • 2 Fluid Ounces (60 mL)
  • 90 Day Average Supply.
  • For Cat Use Only.

Directions For Use:

Cat Weight Administration / Day
Up to 10 pounds 1/4 full eyedropper (0.25 mL)
Over 10 pounds 1/2 full eyedropper (0.5 mL)

Keep Calm

  • Administer calming products 30 minutes before travel, grooming or other frightful events.

  • Soft chews are a great delivery method. Most dogs love them. Oils can be more effective and quicker.

  • Not another pixiedusted treat. We built our chews from the ground up. Soft, fresh and not rock hard.

  • Hemp Well is Organic
  • Hemp Well is GMO Free