Helping our pets and healing our planet, these are the two things that we focus on here at Hemp Well. Everything else just supports those efforts.

Changing the world one pet at a time.

Lead The Pack With Hemp Well

Help us change the world together!

Our team plans to replace all plastic product packaging, point-of-sale displays and marketing materials with hemp this year.

Ryan Richmond

For us, it’s a quest. It will take education and action, and above all the belief in a better way. Our suppliers, employees, and retail stores will do our part to help heal our pets and our planet.

Grant Ferrier

Hemp Well’s Chief Environmental Officer and  Founder/President of Environmental Business International (EBI) and publisher of Environmental Business Journal (EBJ), the environmental industry’s leading business publication since 1988.

Mike Sudbury

Vice President of Sales. Planting and nourishing hemp seeds inside retail environments. No matter what people tell you, pets can change the world.

Lindsey Naylor

Chief Creative Officer. Hemp is an opportunity to change a life, and a world of lives, in ways most people never imagine… we, as a company, do hemp because hemp makes sense.

Lead The Pack

Help us change the world one pet at a time.