CBD Oil For Pets- Tips On How To Administer

CBD Oil For Pets- Tips On How To Administer - Hemp Well

Our oil is derived from organically grown hemp plants. Hemp Well uses sustainable and safe farming techniques and do not rely on herbicides or pesticides. This makes all of our products safe for your best friends to use. Administering CBD to your pet is simple.

Hemp Well products use no fillers, just hemp. Everyday we are hearing the reviews on the various benefits of giving our cats and dogs the oil. Hemp oil supports a healthy immune system, joint and hip health, and may ease inflammation caused by everyday activities. Pets can be finicky eaters so administering the oil may be difficult for some people.

Tips to make administering the hemp oil easier:

1. Choose an oil that your pet loves. Many hemp oils in the market contain fillers such as coconut or MCT oil. However, if you choose a natural, pure, organic oil without any fillers, like Hemp Well Omegas, your pet may actually enjoy the taste.

2. Allow your pet's most favorite treat to soak in the recommended dosage of the oil for a couple of seconds and then give it to them.

3. Mixing the oil in your pet's food is another great way to give it to them. Hemp oil can be mixed in along with the regular dry or wet food to mask the taste if your pet does not like it.

4. Hemp Well's oils come in a glass bottle with a plastic dropper which is the easiest way to administer it to pets. Open your pet's mouth and squeeze the dropper between their gums at the back of their mouth.

5. Hemp Well's oil can also be mixed with a yummy treat like peanut butter. As your pet licks it, the oil will start working its way down the throat slowly.

6. Hemp Well soft chews are also available to make life easier for pet parents to deliver the oils in a nice, soft chew form. The oils at Hemp Well all come in their own soft chew form so you can keep giving your pet their favorite oil but in a fun new way.