Hemp Omegas (2 oz)

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Organic Hemp Oil For Cats and Dogs Providing Perfect Ratio Of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty aids. Better than fish oils!



Everyday Hemp Omegas For Dogs And Cats.

Hemp Omegas: Safer for your pet, better for the environment!

Hemp Omegas oil delivers the ideal balanced ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids to promote your pets health. Better than regular fish oils! Hemp Omegas oil for pets contain natural antioxidants that preserve the oil, resulting in a longer shelf life compared to other plant or animal based oils.

Hemp Omegas are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and contains less than 0.3% THC. Hemp Well products will never get your pet high.

Hemp Omegas oil:

  • Supports immune system.
  • Maintains bodily function.
  • Helps to support your pet’s joint and hip health.
  • Supports heart health and function.
  • May assist with inflammation from every day activities.


  • All natural and GMO free.
  • Delivers important antioxidants without the risk of heavy metal contaminants commonly found in fish oils.
  • Made from virgin, cold-pressed, paper filtered hemp oil that is pure and safe for your pets.
  • Responsibly grown without relying on toxic chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.
  • All Hemp Well products are derived from sustainable and safe farming techniques.
  • Unlike fish oil products, hemp is sustainable and doesn’t decimate critical wildlife populations like commercial fishing methods can.
  • Hemp is the most concentrated and complete source of polyunsaturated EFA’s at 80%, and contains approximately 9% monounsaturates.
  • Hemp Omegas contain “Super Omegas”, like steriodonic acid and GLA’s. These compounds are precursors to DHA and EPA formation, potentially rendering fish oils insignificant.

Directions For Use:

Shake well before use.  Administer orally during meal time.



85 reviews for Hemp Omegas (2 oz)

  1. mike fezatte

    We ordered this as our dog is an anxious nervous nelly in the hopes it would relieve his issues in some way big or small. As with everything I start new with him, I gave him half a dose for a few days. He seemed sleepier I think but not any less anxiety-riddled so I upped the amount to a dropper and a half. Inadvertently on an empty stomach. He threw up later in the day which is not necessarily an uncommon experience for him. Yeah, he’s a mess. Anyway, I stopped giving him the oil in case it was the yacking reason. The following week I put a dropper’s worth in his food only to have him throw up later in the day again so we’re done. It’s a tough thing though. It’s hard to know if this oil is a good oil or not as this stuff is not regulated. Is a more expensive one better? Are they all the same? Who knows. And just because it might make our dog toss his cookies doesn’t mean it will yours. There are a lot of variables at play in general with a dog. Sadly our bottle is still near full and our wallet is out the cash. Guess I’ll donate it to a rescue but with clear instructions.

  2. Connie M.

    My black lab seems to be walking around better . her hips. Just not so good

  3. Barbranne D. Herrera

    Both my cats and dog do well on this, they love it!

  4. TR Johnson

    My dog is 75lbs and 12 years of age. He wasn’t getting around well, and the vet said he has arthritis. Since using this, he is getting around a lot better. I’m not saying it’s a cure all. I would consider it to be like a human taking a 800mg ibuprofen, in my eyes.

  5. Britt O.

    My shih tzu is around 15 years old and we have noticed she has trouble sometimes walking around. Ever since we started her on the drops, she has had increased energy and has been more active. I have even noticed an increased appetite. It hasn’t even been week yet.

  6. P. Tavis

    So far (after about a week), I have seen some small changes in my dog’s behavior. He’s a little bit calmer in situations where he was not before. I will definitely keep using this as it is also good for his health.

  7. Yvonne C.

    This has helped my dog so much! He has nerve problems from his back and was to the point that he didn’t even want to go out to potty but now he not only goes out on his own but takes off running down the sidewalk to chase a cat! While his legs still slip out from under him and always will at least he doesn’t seem to be in pain anymore. I love this product and intend to keep using it for him until he is no longer with us. He even loves the taste of it and licks it off of the spoon so that’s a plus after having to put a muzzle on him to give him meds with a syringe.

  8. Mike Thomas

    I have four dogs, and one of them is a very anxious dog and so he sets the others off in what he deems as stressful situations (ie a person walks past us as we are walking!!). He loves taking his Hemp Well drops and has calmed down a considerable amount. He no longer barks at people, he still barks at other dogs but I think that is natural. These have been so good for him.

  9. scope

    I use this for my dog who is 13 years old, 90 lbs, and has degenerative hip disease. He has been moving 100 x better than just a week ago. It is definitely working for my dog, I’m so glad I tried it. I will be buying again!!

  10. Katie D

    Great product and great seller!

  11. fancyfree4now

    My doxie will be 15 in a month and he’s been struggling to walk. The doc prescribed an anti-inflammatory that costs $100/month AND would probably damage his liver. Friends told me about this Hemp Oil and we decided to give it a try. Not only is our dachshund walking better but his coat is shiny again and the age bumps” appear to be getting smaller.”

  12. Divinely

    It seems to help my 19 yr cat with arthritis in his hips and legs. About yr ago now he was diagnosed with leukemia now he seems to be more relaxed. I’ve only used it for 4 days now to, Thanks for this item.

  13. Anonymous

    Seems to have calmed our extremely anxious lab a little so we’re going continue using it for now.

  14. Donna M. Vander Ploeg

    My dog is 15 with very bad arthritis and not only does he love these, it does seem to put a little spring in his step! I highly recommend it!

  15. Kim Burda

    We have a 14 year old basset hound with severe arthritis. After just 3 days on the Hemp Omegas, she is walking better. So much so, that we have reordered. We checked with our vet before, who approved us trying it. I would highly suggest this to anyone who wants to improve an aging pet’s health

  16. Sondra Deenst

    The smell made me nauseous- can not in good conscience give to my animals.

  17. FunkmonG

    Great Product and fast delivery!

  18. jrosen4875@aol.com

    I have a year old yellow lab that is very hyper. I think your product is working and I surely hope so. I will keep giving it to her and will order more. Thank you so much. 🙂

  19. JAMES M.

    This actually seems to work! My dog look so down but this completely changed his attitude. I would recommend

  20. gatorfan

    This is a new product to us and have only used it for a week. We have used similar products and have been pleased with the results. We will have to come back to this review in a couple of weeks to update on the results.

  21. Toni Day

    It’s a great product and has helped our dog. Our dog is eating better, moving around more, and more life in his eyes.

  22. Ivonne Garcia-Gilbert

    Our dog was having a difficult time climbing stairs and was experiencing pain, this is because she’s a large breed dog and because of her age. One week after giving her hemp omegas the pain and discomfort disappeared and she is back to her “old “ self .

  23. Melissa Christie

    I Used this for my hyper active, anxiety symptoms of my dog, followed the directions and it did Nothing to help with those symptoms, it was like I gave her plain oil. I would not buy this, it is not what they say it is. It does not give any calming effect for my dog as I had hoped it would, and as it said it would. Very unhappy with this product…

  24. Anonymous

    Both my kitty and dog love this stuff. My cat was just diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and I was looking for something that could help with her nausea. We just started using it with new prescription food. She seems to throw up much less and will sit and wait for me to put the hemp oil on her food. She’s a big fan.

  25. VHG

    This works really well for my pets…. it’s very good quality. I can use it for all of my animals three dogs and a cat and they like the flavor of it and it makes them get moving. Thank you

  26. Gwen Walker

    It’s ok.

  27. Melissa Smith

    I give this to my older cats every morning and night in their food and it completely helps relieving the pain from arthritis and old age in general.

  28. Ale Pach

    Great product for my dog, really effective.

  29. Kim Pearson

    I bought this oil because both of my dogs get on my nerves. My Lab/Shepard mix whines when nothing is wrong with him and my little mut has the energy of a crack head. Sometimes I just need a break from them. I was thinking about getting them a dog sitter, but they have separation anxiety and I can’t put them through that. I use a vape to take CBD oil, so I thought I would try it out on the doggies. I did a little research for them and myself before deciding to use CBD oil. I bought the oil, but I didn’t use it until this past weekend. I took the doggies to the dog park already, but King started whining. I made us breakfast (turkey sausage, eggs and biscuits) and I put the oil in the dog’s food. I put 1 whole dropper in Sasha’s food and 2 in King’s. Kind is almost 100 lbs and Sasha is a little over 30 lbs. I read the reviews before I bought this oil and I was afraid that the dogs would either be sick, or that this stuff just wouldn’t work at all. But this stuff works! I went to check on the dogs because they got quiet. Lawd I thought King was dead. He was fine tho, he was taking a nap. Sasha was taking a nap too. This worked a little too well. Next time I won’t give them as much. But my dogs are fine. The didn’t have any bad side effects and I’m extremely satisfied.

  30. Atheria

    I am pissed. I got 2 bottles of this for my cat in fur pulling out pain due to broken bones years ago…and it doesn’t contain any CBD. No wonder it’s not helping. Ugh!

  31. Andrea

    I have a 13 yr old chihuahua/terrier mix who suffers from severe arthritis in the hind legs ,anxiety and tracheal collapse ( constant coughing) he rarely gets sleep due to it, i have tried everything ( vet medication and other holistic medication) but this by far has helped him the best, this calmed him down the entire night , he slept amazingly and did not cough once! This morning he was more active and it has been raining ( which triggers his arthritis) but that didn’t stop him. I will continue to use and hope this can help with your dogs ailments as well

  32. Susan Allison

    Was recommended by my vet as has been shown to help dogs with arthritis and joint and hip issues. Willing by to try to help my pup.

  33. J. Parks

    Cats love it. I am giving it to them to help with anxioty, not sure its helping, but only been a short time. They really go for it though! So if i had a cat with eating issues, would use for sure!

  34. Teddi C. Book

    I have a 15 year old very skidish cat who gets urinary crystals, diarrhea and or vomiting if we go away for even a night. I have tried many different natural products- now I have only used this product for a short time but his energy level has increased he has had none of his issues and so far I am very pleased- time will tell.

  35. Christie Edwards

    Really helped with my joint pain in my hands and feet

  36. roger d evans


  37. Catherine

    A wonderful product. All of my pets are benefiting from it. I will be purchasing more.

  38. Kirsten

    After reading the reviews, I was looking forward to this helping my two older cats. I used only a single drop in the food, and it made one of my girls so lethargic. I only used it for 3-4 days. She wouldn’t wouldn’t even get up for her dinner. It took almost a week for her to get back to normal.

  39. Steven M. Holder

    It’s early days yet, just 5, but my old (13 year) mutt seems to be moving around better. I hope it makes her final days easier to bear.

  40. Suzanne Miller

    Seems to be doing a good job with my 13.5 year old dog who had really slowed down. She is like a younger pup again. I put it on her food and she doesn’t try to avoid it.

  41. Erin Beever

    My dog loves it and will take it directly from the dropper. Seems to be doing a good job with his pain in his hips as well as keeping him relaxed. Definitely will be keeping him on this on a regular basis.

  42. Alleyrebel

    My 75 lb dog has been on it 1 1/2 weeks and a marked improvement in her walking. So much so that I ordered the larger bottle.

  43. Lauren Glasgow

    We give this to our boxer who gets stressed out on long car rides, especially if we’re on a bumpy road. This calms him down almost immediately. So glad we can buy this!!

  44. Anonymous

    We love using Hemp well for our dog , and he loves taking it, however we were curious if he formula changed since last month ( March ) he now takes 3 droppers ( he’s a St. Bernard) verses the two and the packaging is different?

  45. JenniM

    This has been incredible for my dogs health. She went from panting and crying for weeks to completely being her old self within hours. We had vet visits and medications that barely took the edge off of her hip pain. We thought for sure we would have no choice but to put her down as we were running out of options for our 230 lb dog. This literally saved her life!

  46. Stacey I.

    Works great for my dog who has disc issues in his lower back. Super for pain. Also works on my anxious Chihuahua.

  47. Jessica Jenkins

    My dog had back to back grandma seizures when we started this. I have not used it since.

  48. Lee

    My moms cat is neurotic and will randomly pee somewhere. when she first tried this you could tell there was a night and day difference in the cat! So I’m a fan!

  49. another Anonymous

    Ok I was skeptical that this would work ifor my reactive dog. Let me start by saying I have done BAT training and found she needed something in addition to that. I’ve tried valerian root other hemp products and flower remedies. I just used this for the first time today at a fundraising walk with my fur baby. Wow! It was a pleasant experience walking amongst the other dogs without the usual freak out. This stuff works!!

  50. L. Juttner

    My dog loves it! When he sees me get the bottle out, he comes running like it is a treat! It seems to make his anxiety somewhat better. Although he has always been an anxious dog since he was a puppy. I will purchase this product again.

  51. delc77


  52. Josh.

    Think the pup likes it gets excited over hemp time

  53. madczech

    My senior dog was suffering from occasional joint issues. Once I began amending his diet with your hemp oil he showed a definite improvement.

  54. N. Stein

    Works well. My cat is walking around feeling much better.

  55. Ash

    I switched from T-relief to this and the drop-off was very noticeable. I’m not sure this did anything at all.

  56. Ravyn

    Dropper had issues when pulling up the liquid – the vaccuum didn’t allow for a good flow. Also, it leaked.

  57. Melissa Minck

    My dogs are older and moving around better with this supplement.

  58. Rachel G.

    What a GREAT product!! I love that their really isn’t a smell to it…making that much easier for my Sr. Cat to eat!! I have even referred your product to family and friends! Thank you!!!

  59. Laurie Ledesma-Garcia

    My dogs just love this stuff. They seem much healthier after just 2 weeks of this getting this with their food. Amazing product !!!

  60. janice noyes

    My two dogs love it

  61. Amanda

    He hated the taste and we found no results. If you truly want something to work, but CBD oil.

  62. Stacy C

    I’ve been giving this to my 17-year-old cat by mixing it with his wet food a couple times a day for about 5 days. It has already helped his appetite and mobility, and he seems to be feeling better overall. It has always been hard to give him medicine, so it’s nice to have something he doesn’t mind eating.

  63. Johnny W.

    I have a young male cat with a ton of energy ,He hurt his arm somehow and I was told to keep him still “Yea Right”!! . I googled what to do and hemp oil came up ,so I bought this .I slowed him way down .He only wanted to sleep on the floor by the vent .I dossed him 2 times a day for 5 day and now 2 weeks later he is good as new..thank you.

  64. Ashley A

    I absolutely love this product it is been a savior and so helpful for my little rat terrier who is 14 and a half it’s really put spring back in her step a little bit every day and her food helps her movement relaxation and flexibility also I can’t prove it but I really feel so that helped her memory or conjunctive function of her brainmemory or conjunctive function of her brain

  65. This is Mine

    Not being sure of its strength it’s difficult to judge. My doggie has improved. but I think it’s because I found a site that sells it SFE proof — which means it’s made with water — not burned and it’s a method of safety for how it’s generated which I’m not sure how… but I’ve been using the one that’s SFE proof on my 11 y.o.and giving this one to my 3 year old.. she seems healthy!

  66. Mandy M.

    Pretty sure giving this to my dog with the extra vitamins threw off my dogs system and resulted in several vet visits and more issues. Beware.

  67. taniarodriguez

    Unfortunately did not work for my dogs anxiety after 4 days of use there’s no change

  68. Donna Antle

    I highly recommend this product for dogs…. my chihuahua was having problems walking… she couldnt pick her front legs up all the way, she was folding her toes under and dragging them…I started giving her this hemp oil and I seem a difference after 2 doses. She now walks and runs normally with no problems.

  69. Alicia K Farrow

    Has helped my 13 year old dog with arthritis so that he is playful again and helps calm my over anxious dog. Great product!

  70. David Washburn

    Our 18+ year old cat loves it. We mix it with a cat glucosamine cream and she licks it off my fingers. Then she gets through the night without so much arthritic discomfort. Its anti-inflammatory effect seems to have provided her more comfort.

  71. Leslie K. Mckibben

    Working great!

  72. GreenMLC

    My cat wouldn’t take this, not even when mixed with soft cat food.

  73. Nichole Murphy

    made both my cats and dogs sick. I guess it made them nauseated and I didn’t give them anything over dosage allowance.

  74. Lillian Miller

    This stuff works great on my Dog. She has bad arthritis so I tried this and now she is running around like a puppy

  75. Dee

    I have an anxious MinPin who likes to bark at every squirrel, person or dog that dares walk in front of our house or meander through our yard. He has been on this for a couple weeks. I don’t notice a difference in his behavior.

  76. Blanca M. Espinosa

    I’ve noticed great improvement in my pet’s movement since he’s taking this product. I bought it again. I highly recommend it.

  77. Thalia D.

    kitty wont eat anything I put this in:(

  78. Ali

    My poodle Harry has anxiety whenever he hears a loud or strange noise. Thunder storms are devastating for him and for me watching his whole body shake. He is also on Prozac for anxiety. I think it helps for small issues. But the Hemp oil is like a miracle. For small issues like a loud noise it works fast. For a thunderstorm it takes about 5-10 minutes. He is able to calm down. He is 14 lbs. and gets a dropper full. I highly recommend it.

  79. Anonymous

    I use this for cat allergies.

  80. Mawrtyr

    I was so hopeful that this would bring some relief to my cat who suffers limited mobility due to arthritis. I can’t speak to its effectiveness, however, because my cat won’t get near any food after this has been added.

  81. Anonymous

    Great product

  82. Leigh M Ramey

    This is a great product. My dogs and cats feel so much better. My Weiner dog act young again. I just use about 1/4 dropper every few days. I would recommend this for any pet having pain My cats feeling better and improved appetite.

  83. amber

    I have a 15yo large breed with pretty bad arthritis.. I started giving her this about a month ago and the results are just amazing. You can see such a difference in her personality and she’s definitely more comfortable! I was just looking for something besides pain pills from the vet to keep her comfortable during her final days… We definitely didn’t see results right away but after 3-4 weeks we started to notice a big difference!

  84. Nicole Acosta

    Hello, my name is Nicole and I was writing to you guys to thank you so much for this product(Hemp Omegas)! My dog got diagnosed with arthritis and muscle loss on her left hind leg and this product by far has worked wonders. My pet has used this ever Ince she got diagnosed. I buy in bundles so 6+ at a time. So again thank you for this product.

  85. Paula

    I purchased this for my 13 year old black lab,who has stomach issues. I’ve tried different food over the years, but nothing seemed to help. I put the drops on her food and after one week I could already see an improvement. No more grumbling stomach so far!

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