Hemp Omegas (2 oz)

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Hemp Oil For Cats and Dogs Providing Perfect Ratio Of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty aids. Better than fish oils!


Everyday Hemp Omegas For Dogs And Cats.

Hemp Omegas: Safer for your pet, better for the environment!

Hemp Omegas oil delivers the ideal balanced ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids to promote your pets health. Better than regular fish oils! Hemp Omegas oil for pets contain natural antioxidants that preserve the oil, resulting in a longer shelf life compared to other plant or animal based oils.

Hemp Omegas are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and contains less than 0.3% THC. Hemp Well products will never get your pet high.

Hemp Omegas oil:

  • Supports immune system.
  • Maintains bodily function.
  • Helps to support your pet’s joint and hip health.
  • Supports heart health and function.
  • May assist with inflammation from every day activities.


  • All natural and GMO free.
  • Delivers important antioxidants without the risk of heavy metal contaminants commonly found in fish oils.
  • Made from virgin, cold-pressed, paper filtered hemp oil that is pure and safe for your pets.
  • Responsibly grown without relying on toxic chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.
  • All Hemp Well products are derived from sustainable and safe farming techniques.
  • Unlike fish oil products, hemp is sustainable and doesn’t decimate critical wildlife populations like commercial fishing methods can.
  • Hemp is the most concentrated and complete source of polyunsaturated EFA’s at 80%, and contains approximately 9% monounsaturates.
  • Hemp Omegas contain “Super Omegas”, like steriodonic acid and GLA’s. These compounds are precursors to DHA and EPA formation, potentially rendering fish oils insignificant.

Directions For Use:

Shake well before use.  Administer orally during meal time.



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85 reviews for Hemp Omegas (2 oz)

  1. mike fezatte

    We ordered this as our dog is an anxious nervous nelly in the hopes it would relieve his issues in some way big or small. As with everything I start new with him, I gave him half a dose for a few days. He seemed sleepier I think but not any less anxiety-riddled so I upped the amount to a dropper and a half. Inadvertently on an empty stomach. He threw up later in the day which is not necessarily an uncommon experience for him. Yeah, he’s a mess. Anyway, I stopped giving him the oil in case it was the yacking reason. The following week I put a dropper’s worth in his food only to have him throw up later in the day again so we’re done. It’s a tough thing though. It’s hard to know if this oil is a good oil or not as this stuff is not regulated. Is a more expensive one better? Are they all the same? Who knows. And just because it might make our dog toss his cookies doesn’t mean it will yours. There are a lot of variables at play in general with a dog. Sadly our bottle is still near full and our wallet is out the cash. Guess I’ll donate it to a rescue but with clear instructions.

  2. Connie M.

    My black lab seems to be walking around better . her hips. Just not so good

  3. Barbranne D. Herrera

    Both my cats and dog do well on this, they love it!

  4. TR Johnson

    My dog is 75lbs and 12 years of age. He wasn’t getting around well, and the vet said he has arthritis. Since using this, he is getting around a lot better. I’m not saying it’s a cure all. I would consider it to be like a human taking a 800mg ibuprofen, in my eyes.

  5. Britt O.

    My shih tzu is around 15 years old and we have noticed she has trouble sometimes walking around. Ever since we started her on the drops, she has had increased energy and has been more active. I have even noticed an increased appetite. It hasn’t even been week yet.

  6. P. Tavis

    So far (after about a week), I have seen some small changes in my dog’s behavior. He’s a little bit calmer in situations where he was not before. I will definitely keep using this as it is also good for his health.

  7. Yvonne C.

    This has helped my dog so much! He has nerve problems from his back and was to the point that he didn’t even want to go out to potty but now he not only goes out on his own but takes off running down the sidewalk to chase a cat! While his legs still slip out from under him and always will at least he doesn’t seem to be in pain anymore. I love this product and intend to keep using it for him until he is no longer with us. He even loves the taste of it and licks it off of the spoon so that’s a plus after having to put a muzzle on him to give him meds with a syringe.

  8. Mike Thomas

    I have four dogs, and one of them is a very anxious dog and so he sets the others off in what he deems as stressful situations (ie a person walks past us as we are walking!!). He loves taking his Hemp Well drops and has calmed down a considerable amount. He no longer barks at people, he still barks at other dogs but I think that is natural. These have been so good for him.

  9. scope

    I use this for my dog who is 13 years old, 90 lbs, and has degenerative hip disease. He has been moving 100 x better than just a week ago. It is definitely working for my dog, I’m so glad I tried it. I will be buying again!!

  10. Katie D

    Great product and great seller!

  11. fancyfree4now

    My doxie will be 15 in a month and he’s been struggling to walk. The doc prescribed an anti-inflammatory that costs $100/month AND would probably damage his liver. Friends told me about this Hemp Oil and we decided to give it a try. Not only is our dachshund walking better but his coat is shiny again and the age bumps” appear to be getting smaller.”

  12. Divinely

    It seems to help my 19 yr cat with arthritis in his hips and legs. About yr ago now he was diagnosed with leukemia now he seems to be more relaxed. I’ve only used it for 4 days now to, Thanks for this item.

  13. Anonymous

    Seems to have calmed our extremely anxious lab a little so we’re going continue using it for now.

  14. Donna M. Vander Ploeg

    My dog is 15 with very bad arthritis and not only does he love these, it does seem to put a little spring in his step! I highly recommend it!

  15. Kim Burda

    We have a 14 year old basset hound with severe arthritis. After just 3 days on the Hemp Omegas, she is walking better. So much so, that we have reordered. We checked with our vet before, who approved us trying it. I would highly suggest this to anyone who wants to improve an aging pet’s health

  16. Sondra Deenst

    The smell made me nauseous- can not in good conscience give to my animals.

  17. FunkmonG

    Great Product and fast delivery!

  18. jrosen4875@aol.com

    I have a year old yellow lab that is very hyper. I think your product is working and I surely hope so. I will keep giving it to her and will order more. Thank you so much. 🙂

  19. JAMES M.

    This actually seems to work! My dog look so down but this completely changed his attitude. I would recommend

  20. gatorfan

    This is a new product to us and have only used it for a week. We have used similar products and have been pleased with the results. We will have to come back to this review in a couple of weeks to update on the results.

  21. Toni Day

    It’s a great product and has helped our dog. Our dog is eating better, moving around more, and more life in his eyes.

  22. Ivonne Garcia-Gilbert

    Our dog was having a difficult time climbing stairs and was experiencing pain, this is because she’s a large breed dog and because of her age. One week after giving her hemp omegas the pain and discomfort disappeared and she is back to her “old “ self .

  23. Melissa Christie

    I Used this for my hyper active, anxiety symptoms of my dog, followed the directions and it did Nothing to help with those symptoms, it was like I gave her plain oil. I would not buy this, it is not what they say it is. It does not give any calming effect for my dog as I had hoped it would, and as it said it would. Very unhappy with this product…

  24. Anonymous

    Both my kitty and dog love this stuff. My cat was just diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and I was looking for something that could help with her nausea. We just started using it with new prescription food. She seems to throw up much less and will sit and wait for me to put the hemp oil on her food. She’s a big fan.

  25. VHG

    This works really well for my pets…. it’s very good quality. I can use it for all of my animals three dogs and a cat and they like the flavor of it and it makes them get moving. Thank you

  26. Gwen Walker

    It’s ok.

  27. Melissa Smith

    I give this to my older cats every morning and night in their food and it completely helps relieving the pain from arthritis and old age in general.

  28. Ale Pach

    Great product for my dog, really effective.

  29. Kim Pearson

    I bought this oil because both of my dogs get on my nerves. My Lab/Shepard mix whines when nothing is wrong with him and my little mut has the energy of a crack head. Sometimes I just need a break from them. I was thinking about getting them a dog sitter, but they have separation anxiety and I can’t put them through that. I use a vape to take CBD oil, so I thought I would try it out on the doggies. I did a little research for them and myself before deciding to use CBD oil. I bought the oil, but I didn’t use it until this past weekend. I took the doggies to the dog park already, but King started whining. I made us breakfast (turkey sausage, eggs and biscuits) and I put the oil in the dog’s food. I put 1 whole dropper in Sasha’s food and 2 in King’s. Kind is almost 100 lbs and Sasha is a little over 30 lbs. I read the reviews before I bought this oil and I was afraid that the dogs would either be sick, or that this stuff just wouldn’t work at all. But this stuff works! I went to check on the dogs because they got quiet. Lawd I thought King was dead. He was fine tho, he was taking a nap. Sasha was taking a nap too. This worked a little too well. Next time I won’t give them as much. But my dogs are fine. The didn’t have any bad side effects and I’m extremely satisfied.

  30. Atheria

    I am pissed. I got 2 bottles of this for my cat in fur pulling out pain due to broken bones years ago…and it doesn’t contain any CBD. No wonder it’s not helping. Ugh!