Why can’t I buy CBD at the grocery store (or Amazon)?

Depending on where you live – or which store you buy your groceries from – you may not be able to buy CBD from your local grocery store. Many retailers including gas stations, head shops and even pet stores offer CBD products for sale. So, why not at the major retailers?

US Congress decided that hemp (cannabis that won’t get you stoned) and its extracts (like CBD) are fully legal. Despite this fact many of the world’s largest retailers like Kroger, Walmart, Amazon and Chewy.com all have pharmacy licenses and have made the decision to not sell any ingestible products containing CBD.

Some hemp CBD products (full spectrum) may contain trace levels of THC. The lawyers at big retailers are unwilling to take the risk selling even legal, trace amounts of THC even though trace amounts can never get anyone stoned. Additionally, several drug manufacturers have patented synthetic CBD for applications ranging from seizures to pain relief. With FDA approval of synthetic CBD, pharmacies have steered clear from selling natural and plant based cannabinoids (CBD). You can however purchase synthetic CBD from most pharmacies.

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What hemp products will you find at large retailers (Walmart and Amazon) with pharmacy licenses?

Hempseed oil and hemp powder products that are derived from the hemp seed are generally sold at grocery stores found on Amazon. Hemp seeds do not contain cannabinoids – ZERO THC and ZERO CBD. Hemp seeds may offer a better omega fatty source than fish oils, flax seeds and krill. Plus, hemp is sustainable and doesn’t rely on harsh pesticides to grow.

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