Top Five Signs That Indicate Your Dog Is In Pain

Our dogs feel pain as much as humans do. Certain dogs express that they are in pain but most dogs try to hide their pain as a result of natural survival mechanism. Even so, we can identify if a dog is in pain by carefully looking out for certain signs and indicators. The sooner we identify, the better we can avoid major problems.

The Top Five Signs That Indicate Your Dog Is In Pain:

  1. Body changes: Look out if your dog is limping as this is the most common sign. Limping occurs when your dog is in pain when they try to bear weight on their limb.
  2. Postural changes: Watch if your dog holds his head and tail in a position other than the usual. A tail tucked in between the legs or a hanging tail can indicate that your dog is in pain. Dogs in pain may also have their back arched and stiff.
  3. Changes in Eyes: When a dog is in pain, their eyes may become dilated. If their eyes hurt, they become red, squint or cause discharge.
  4. Changes in Eating habits: If a dog is in pain, they might not eat very well and will not show any interest in food.
  5. Sleeping Pattern changes: Dogs may experience difficulty in sleeping or might sleep too much than the usual while in pain.

How to Help If Your Dog is in Pain:

It is very important that we keep our dogs relieved from pain and suffering. Be gentle when you try to locate the area of pain and make sure that you do not worsen the condition. Hemp Well Relief soft chews and oils may help relieve pain in dogs that are caused from everyday activities.

Rest your dogs and if they do not become normal, it is best to visit a vet at the earliest.