Senior Dog Care: How To Cope Up And Care For Your Aging Dog?

Senior dog care- Hemp Well

Every living thing that is born grows older as the years pass by. Our beloved furry friends also age. Most pet parents fail to realize this hard truth. But we should be able to keep our pets comfortable and let them age gracefully.

When Is Your Pet A Senior Dog?

In general, vets say that a dog above eight years old is considered as a senior dog. However, aging also depends greatly on the lifestyle, breed, and size of the dog. Large and giant sized dogs age faster when compared to small breeds.

What To Expect In Senior Dogs Health?

As pets get older, they will have decreased energy levels. Their mobility might be affected. They are most likely prone to arthritis, joint pain, aches, and discomfort. Senior dogs also stand a high risk for obesity, heart, liver and kidney diseases.

Aging Senior dog care-Hemp Well

Tips For Senior Dog Care:

  • Provide optimal nourishment and a balanced meal for your pooch. This will help him with his energy levels and also from meeting their nutritional needs.
  • Your dogs might undergo pain and aches due to everyday activities. Help them ease the pain with Hemp Well Relief.
  • Provide orthopedic beds for your dog to reduce the stress on their joints. They will thank you for this.
  • Schedule a visit to the vet every three or six months for regular check-ups and tests. This is a crucial step in senior dog care and you can keep a track of your dog’s health and also the identify early onset of any health problems.
  • As dog grow old, their dental health might also be compromised to a certain extent. Hence it is important to include oral maintenance along with regular grooming sessions.
  • Regular exercises keep your pooches active and flexible. In senior dog care, you could take help from your vet to control the intensity of exercises.
  • Older dogs also need entertainment and should be kept busy. Provide them lots of toys which helps keeps them stimulated mentally.


Caring for a senior dog might seem overwhelming. However, if we understand and follow the above simple tips, we could help your dog to be healthy and live his last few years happily.

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