Top 10 Things About Hemp Well

Since 2012, Hemp Well has offered pet parents a natural and organic alternative. Our products are now sold through over 10,000 pet supply retailers in the US. A special thanks to our family's rescue cat, Ginger.

Ryan Richmond, founder




All of our ingredients are sourced from organic farms. We wouldn't do it any other way.


Made in the USA

We proudly craft our products in Michigan through our two manufacturing facilities.


THC FREE (non-psychoactive)

Hemp Well products contain no tetrahydrocannabidiol, the psychoactive part of cannabis. Cannabis with less than 0.3% THC is called hemp. All of our products use the hemp plant.



Why would we go against nature? All Hemp Well products are GMO Free.


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Hemp Well has the Optimal Ratio of Omega Fatty Acids

Hemp has the optimal ratio of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids. Learn how hemp compares to fish, flax and krill.

Hemp  oil is better than fish oil


Lab and Industry Tested

We are leaders in hemp health for. pets because of our quality and testing that goes into every product we create. Learn why the largest retailers in the world trust Hemp Well in their stores. Hemp Well is sold at Target, Amazon, Petco and every small pet supply shop in between.


Hemp Well is made for dogs, cats, birds and equine animals

Hemp is not just for us. And all pets are different. Careful thought has gone into serving the needs of multiple animal types. Pet parents everywhere have trusted Hemp Well since 2012.


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NO Filler or Carrier Oils. #JustHemp

Why would we use inexpensive filler oils like coconut, MCT or olive oil? Our soft chews and oils have 500% more hemp than most of our peers.

Hemp Well is better

Larger Sizes, More Actives than Competitor's Products

Our bottles and chews are bigger. Size does matter. Most products in the market are sold in one ounce bottles or 7 ounce soft chew net weights. Hemp Well oils are available in 2, 16 and 128 ounce sizes.

Our soft chews are more than 9.5 ounces net weight. 35% BIGGER than our next closest competitor!


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