Contest: Least Calm Dogs During Grooming Win!

Are you a dog owner who struggles with your furry friend during grooming sessions? We want you to be a part of our product testing challenge! 

We want to settle the debate: "What's better, oil or chews?" Share your experiences honestly and help us determine the effectiveness of these products.



Open to US residents only.

You must be a dog owner who faces grooming difficulties with your pet.

Willingness to participate in follow-up emails. Have a scheduled grooming or self grooming visit in the next 60 days.


How to Participate:

We are looking for 50 dog owners who have difficulty with their dogs at the groomer or dog wash.

Sign up for the contest by providing your contact details.

If selected, you will receive a free bottle of either Hemp Well Calm Dog Oil or Hemp Well Calm Dog Soft Chews (randomly selected).

Administer the product to your dog as directed on the packaging 30 minutes prior to your next scheduled grooming visit.

During your next grooming visit, closely observe and document your dog's behavior before and after using the product.

All participants will receive a free bottle of either Hemp Well Calm Dog Oil or Hemp Well Calm Dog Soft Chews. Plus, you'll have the satisfaction of helping dog owners everywhere make informed choices for their pets.


Important Note:

Participation in this contest requires your commitment to provide feedback on your dog's behavior after using the product and agreeing to receive follow-up emails.

Join us in making grooming a stress-free experience for you and your canine companion! Sign up now and be a part of our Hemp Well Calm Dog Product - Grooming Testing Challenge.