My dog ate Play-Doh and liked it, what should I do?

Dog ate Play-Doh

Is your dog like mine, willing to eat anything once? Our 50 pound Golden Retriever puppy ate a few cans of Play-doh. And now she is drinking water like her life depended on it. The reason she is so thirsty is the fact that Play-Doh is mainly salt. While salt is okay for us, dogs not so much.

Our veterinarian said we should not be concerned assuming she doesn’t show any other symptoms besides drinking and peeing. Smaller dogs can be more susceptible to kidney damage (all dogs actually) but in Heidi’s case it eventually passed – 24 hours later.

Rule #1. Keep things away from dogs that will eat anything given the opportunity.

Rule #2. Make sure that you or your kids play with Play-Doh in a separate room from your dog.