Taurine, What Is It Good For?

Taurine, What Is It Good For? - Hemp Well

Taurine can most commonly be found in animal products such as dairy, fish, and other meats, though smaller amounts can be found in plants. Taurine can also be found inside many popular energy drinks, working together with caffeine to increase optimal brain function. By simple definition, Taurine is an amino acid known for supporting coronary and cardiovascular health as well as increasing exercise performance. Most mammals are able to synthesize amino acids in small amounts within their body. However, cats, for example, cannot synthesize Taurine. Therefore, it is an essential amino acid and must be supplemented into their diets.

A popular topic as of late has been grain free diets and “BEG” diets leading to heart issues in dogs. A grain free diet is a diet that excludes wheat, rice, corn ,oats, and other grains. A “BEG” diet - comes from boutique companies, uses exotic ingredients as substitutes, and/or is grain-free. Some studies show that dogs on long-term grain free/BEG diets can have an increased risk for developing cardiovascular issues such as Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) and heart disease.

Certain breeds such as Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, and Newfoundlands naturally have an increased risk of DCM as a result of their breed’s genetics. Even dogs that are simply born Taurine deficient are said to have an increased risk. With all the headlines loosely connecting grain free diets to DCM, some veterinarians have taken action by suggesting Taurine supplements. As stated before, Taurine is known for supporting cardiovascular health. In some breeds, it’s even been shown to completely resolve and reverse DCM.

Here at Hemp Well, our Calm Dog chews naturally contain 240mg of Taurine per chew. That’s twice the amount found in other supplements aiming to promote heart health. Our aim with Calming chews is to help support temperament and relaxation, but they also provide additional support for your canine’s coronary and cardiovascular health. Calm chews are not recommended for use in cats.