My dog ate my face mask, what do I do?

My dog ate my face mask, what do I do? - Hemp Well

If your dog is like lots of other dogs, they will eat literally anything. What should you do if your dog eats your face mask?

Your mask has your dogs favorite smell on it, you. They will naturally be more curious.

If you know that you are missing a face mask, this is the most obvious sign that your dog may have eaten your face mask. Unusual behavior, nausea, lip-licking, vomiting, a hard abdomen, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and tiredness may be signs of a mask eating, Always consult your veterinarian if you feel that your dog needs assistance.

Getting your dog to vomit the mask up before it is digested can be the best outcome. After it reaches the intestine it will likely not come back up and only out (poop). Plenty of fluids and fiber can help this process.

Is there metal in the mask?

Not all masks are created the same. Many surgical masks have metal embedded into the fabric. Does yours? Metal in a consumed mask should cause much more alarm and warrant an immediate trip to the vet.

Remember to keep your mask out of your dogs reach, just like your avocados and cannabis. And always support their every day health with Hemp Well.