Manufacturer of hemp products for pets introduces soft chew line

Manufacturer of hemp products for pets introduces soft chew line - Hemp Well
Auburn Hills, MI - Hemp Well launches complete line of dog soft chew products, expanding its reach into the pet industry. Nationwide sales of the hemp chews will be available available through distributors after February 1, 2019. Since May 2018, Hemp Well's soft chew products have been sold and tested through several test markets and stores across 6 states. The chews offer a better hemp and cannabinoid profile than what is currently found in any competitor's hemp products. Hemp Well founder, Ryan Richmond shared, "Making sure we have this (soft chew) right is very important to our customers and our reputation. Our new process, packaging, and superior formulation has delivered the very best hemp soft chew on the market. They are loaded with hemp and organic. We are proud to share them." With a focus on simplicity and sustainability, the company never uses filler oils, additives or anything 'non-organic'. The company offers three categories of hemp based pet products and in various forms.
Hemp Omegas - Good for use as an everyday product. Hemp is a better Omega fatty acid source than fish, krill or flax oils. Calming - Our calming line of chews and oils can help keep your pet calm and relaxed. Hemp Relief - Packed with additional cannabinoids to help relieve aches, discomforts, and inflammation from everyday activities. It can also support a healthy immune system and promote health.
Hemp Well is located 15 miles north of Detroit, Michigan and was founded in 2012. The company manufactures and distributes a complete line of hemp based supplements for pets. Hemp Well's products are currently sold through over 500 pet retailers with plans to double its retail footprint through 2019.