How to calm a dog down in a storm?

How to calm a dog down in a storm? - Hemp Well

One thing is for sure, most dogs I have met do not like storms. Most dogs actually despise bad weather. Thunder can scare almost anyone. So how do you keep calm during thunderstorms?

Animal shelters report more abandoned dogs directly after thunderstorms.

Here are some tips to keep your dog calm.

  • Keep them comforted but do not too comforted. Coddling can reinforce the perceived severity of the storm. Next thunderstorm and Fido will be more anxious than last storm.
  • Keep them distracted. Play their favorite game.
  • Consider our Calm Pet products.
  • A lot of pet parents swear by the Thundervest. Alternatively, instead of spending the money for the vest you can make your own by using old shirts, ace bandages or other fabric the keep them soothed. Do not wrap too tightly.
  • Turn down the TV. Keep other loud sounds out of the room. Sometimes turning up the volume to drown out the storm can amplify the anxiety in your dog.

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