How much CBD to give a dog?

How much CBD to give a dog? - Hemp Well

Just like us your dog has an endocannabinoid system. We all need cannabinoids to support body function and health. So, how much CBD should you be giving your pooch?

Most important to know, dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than most other mammals. They require far less CBD than we do. While 1000 mg bottles may be the norm for humans, dogs need far less.

Giving too much THC (the psychoactive compound of cannabis) can have very bad outcomes. Since dogs are sensitive to cannabinoids, THC can keep your dog stoned for up to two days.

All Hemp Well products are THC free, so no worries about getting your furry friend stoned. Additionally, all of our CBD products contain dosage instructions on the package. Giving your pet CBD is important, but proper dosage may be the most important.

Giving your dog too much CBD may not harm your pet but it is wasteful and can be expensive. Unused cannabinoids are excreted through the urine.