How many CBD treats per day for a dog?

How many CBD treats per day for a dog? - Hemp Well

Want to understand how many treats per day for a dog is okay? That's a trick question. How big is your dog? How big is the treat? How much have they exercised today?

When it comes to administering our Hemp Well soft chews (treats) the dosing recommendation is on every package. Because Hemp Well is a supplement, and not a feed like a treat, we are required to have a dosage recommendation.

Treats have no requirement. Just like a bag of potato chips won't give you a suggested feeding size. Or warn you against eating the entire bag during a movie.

Administer our soft chews appropriately. A healthy diet is everything. Exercise and enjoy other treats within reason.

When we started over a decade ago, there was not a lot of options in the marketplace. However, today the marketplace (roughly 90% of our competition) still makes use of cheap fillers like MCT, coconut and even sunflower oil. Hemp Well is just hemp. Like nature intended.