Hemp Usage by Birds - BirdHemp.org Collection Site

Hemp Usage by Birds - BirdHemp.org Collection Site - Hemp Well
Needed: Community support to record bird hemp usage as a health aid; BirdHemp.Org.

Auburn Hills, MI, March 20, 2019– Hemp Well is pleased to announce its financial support to fund a collection and distribution point for bird owners to record and pass on their experiences using hemp as a health aid for their pet.

Collectively, the purpose of the site is to build a knowledge-base concerning hemp usage and bird health. BirdHemp.Org is intended to be a point of contact for the bird community to share experiences and knowledge concerning their 1st hand usage of hemp.

As a reference of what BirdHemp.Org hopes to accomplish please view: How Your Field Notes, Dusty or New, Can Help Science

Why the effort?

  • Do Good - no one is going to collect research on bird usage of hemp except bird owners themselves; it’s too small of a market.
  • Have Fun - why not, the cause is right and you never know who you’ll bump into
  • Make Money - what’s good for the bird is good for the industry