Dry Itchy Skin on Dogs: Easy Solutions to Avoid them during Winter

Dry Itchy Skin on Dogs: Easy Solutions to Avoid them during Winter - Hemp Well

As winter begins and hits the peak, our dogs go scratch, scratch, and scratch. Itchy skin on dogs is difficult for them as well as for us to see them suffer from it.

What causes Itchy Skin on Dogs?

A number of factors might cause your pet's skin to dry out and flake.

  • Excessive exposure to cold temperatures
  • Lack of moisture in the air inside the home
  • Dehydration
  • Frequent bathing during winter.

Easy Solutions To Help in Itchy Dog Skin:

  • Limit your dog's walking time periods to minimize the exposure to the cold air outside. Protect their paws with paw balms and doggie boots to prevent dry and itchy skin on dogs.
  • Maintain the moisture inside your home with the help of a humidifier. They greatly help with the dry skin issues in us as well as your dogs.
  • Do not bathe your dog frequently during winter as they remove the oil barrier from the skin. If you bathe your dog, use a moisture based aloe vera or oatmeal shampoo.
  • Make sure that your pet drinks lots of water to keep them hydrated even during winter. Water retains the moisture in the skin and prevents itchy skin on dogs.
  • Omega Fatty Acids could help your pet from itchy skin along with other added benefits.

These simple tips could relieve itchy skin on dogs during harsh winters. If it continues, please reach out to a vet to rule out any other skin conditions.