Does CBD oil expire?

Does CBD oil expire? - Hemp Well

Have an old bottle laying around and wonder, 'does CBD oil expire?"

The answer is yes. Everything has an optimal use time. CBD or hemp seed oil that has sat around for more than three years (as example) can lose actives (cannabinoids and omega fatty acids). There is no set date that can be given for the marketplace.

All Hemp Well product labels have a best buy date and lot number. All of our products can be traced backed to the plant they came from.


Remember, not all companies deliver CBD the same way. Some dilute their CBD in MCT, coconut, olive or other carrier oils. Often, these carriers can turn rancid before the hemp ever will. Hemp Well is just hemp and hemp is better at preservation than other things that expire much quicker.

Most of the market uses cheap carrier oils to turn greater profits. All of our products have best buy dates on the bottle, jar or bag. Lot numbers ensure tracking of manufacturing and we report to the FDA every month to account products in the marketplace and any adverse events.

Can other companies CBD products go bad, or are they expired already? We don't know. With Hemp Well you can ensure quality.