CBD for dogs' was most often Googled during Halloween

CBD for dogs' was most often Googled during Halloween - Hemp Well

Historically, the week of the 4th of July represented the largest share of internet searches for the term "CBD for dogs". Independence Day can represent frustrated parents looking to calm their frightened dogs from fireworks, parties or travel. Or, a combination of all three.

According to Google Trends, Halloween 2021 now represents the largest search volume for the term "CBD for dogs". Information as of June 9, 2022.

Retailers Need to Stock Up

Understanding buyer trends is crucial in today's environment. Google Trends can be a tremendous resource for retailers, buyers, manufacturers and even pet parents. Get your dog's CBD before July 4th and Halloween. Stay stocked up.

5 Year Historical Search of CBD for dogs

Check this link and notice the annual spikes during July 4th each year. Notice that more searches for dog CBD occurred last Halloween than any other period in recorded history. Will 2022 repeat 2021? Does internet interest equal actual consumer demand? From our experience, yes!

Interest over time on Google Trends for 'cbd for dogs' in the United States, Past 5 years.

It is safe to assume that demand of dog CBD will be greater this year during both holidays than in previous years.

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