Can I give my dog CBD?

Can I give my dog CBD? - Hemp Well

Curious about alternatives for your dog? Considering giving your dog cannabidiol (CBD)? Can I give my dog CBD? You're not alone. Millions of pet parents thought the same thing before trying hemp with their dog, cat, bird, horse or other animal.

We cannot claim that all hemp and CBD products are safe, and any supplement should be discussed with your veterinarian, but... no pet has died or overdosed.

You may want to give the CBD bottle you or your friend uses personally. That may be okay but sometimes the flavoring or additives may not be great for your pet

Most important, dogs have way more cannabinoid receptors than we do. While 1000 mg might be good for us, dogs need way less. Plus, any THC in the product could also be a concern. Because dogs have so many receptors, if they ate THC they could stay stoned for up to two full days.


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