5 Ways to Calm Down a Hyper Dog

5 Ways to Calm Down a Hyper Dog - Hemp Well

There are many ways to calm down a hyper dog, some of which are more natural and gentle than others. One way to help a dog relax is to provide them with a calm environment. This can be done by avoiding loud noises and sudden movements, and providing them with a place to relax like a dog bed or crate. Another way to help a dog calm down is through aromatherapy. Certain scents like lavender or chamomile can help to soothe a dog and promote relaxation. Finally, many people find that giving their dog a massage can help to calm them down. 

When a dog is hyper, it can be a challenge to get them to calm down. Here are 5 ways to calm down a hyper dog:

  • Distract your dog with a game or toy.

  • Play music that is calming to dogs.

  • Take your dog for a walk or run.

  • Spend time bonding with your dog by playing with them or petting them.

  • Try an herbal supplement such as chamomile, hemp or lavender.

  • Essential oils that help calm dogs


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What can you give a hyper dog to calm it down?

The use of calming essential oils for dogs has become a more popular option in There recent years as an all-natural way to help control a dog’s energy. There are a few essential oils that are said to be helpful in calming dogs, but the most commonly used oils are lavender, chamomile, and vetiver.

Here are a  few ways to use these oils and learn how to calm a hyper dog naturally: 1) is to spray a few drops of the oil in the room . 2) Place on a bandana and tie it around the dog’s neck. 3) put the oil in a diffusor 4) add a few drops of the oil to the dog’s food .

If your dog is anxious or fearful, you may also want to try using a calming diffuser or collar. These can release calming pheromones that will help your dog feel more relaxed. You can also try training your dog to respond to certain commands that will help to calm them down. These commands could include things like "sit" or "stay." Finally, make sure to provide plenty of exercise and plenty of positive reinforcement when your dog behaves in a calm and relaxed manner. or water.


Behavior modification

One of the best ways to calm down a hyper dog is through behavior modification. If your dog is always running around and bouncing off the walls, you need to start by teaching them some basic obedience commands. Once your dog knows how to sit, stay, and come when called, you can start to work on some of their bad habits. If your dog is always jumping on people, you can start by teaching them to sit and stay when people come into the house. You can also begin to rewarding them for calm behavior with treats or praise. Slowly but surely, your dog will start to calm down as they learn that there are better things to do than run around like a maniac.

Training your dog to calm down on cue

If your dog is hyper and you need to calm them down, there are a few things you can do. One is to train your dog to calm down on cue. You can do this by saying "calm" or "settle" and rewarding them with a treat when they start to relax. Try teaching your dog to "speak" or "quiet" on cue to get them to stop barking or whining.

You can also try distracting your dog with a toy or game. This can be something as simple as playing fetch or giving them a chew toy. You can also try training them some new tricks. This will keep them occupied and help tire them out.



There are a number of supplements that can help calm down a hyper dog. One of the most popular calming agents is L-theanine, an amino acid that found in green tea. It helps to relax the mind and body, and can be helpful for dogs who are anxious or stressed. There are also supplements that contain herbs like lavender or chamomile that have a calming effect. And of course hemp. If your dog is hyper, it might be a good idea to talk to your veterinarian about whether a supplement might be helpful.




hyperactivity in dogs can be caused by many things, including diet. If your dog is hyper, you may want to consider changing their diet. Many commercial dog foods are filled with artificial ingredients that can cause dogs to become overactive. Instead, feed your dog a diet of natural foods. This will not only help to calm them down, but will also be healthier for them.

Changing your dog's diet to help calm them down

There are a few different things you can do to help your dog calm down if they are hyper. One is to change their diet. You can try switching them to a food that is lower in calories and has more omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids are known to help calm animals down. You can also try adding supplements like L-theanine, which is an amino acid found in green tea that has a calming effect. If your dog is particularly hyper, you may want to consider seeking the help of a professional dog trainer or behaviorist who can help you develop a training plan specifically tailored to your dog's needs.



One way to help a hyper dog calm down is through training. If the dog is hyper because it is bored or not getting enough exercise, then providing more opportunities for exercise and stimulation can help. Training can also provide an outlet for the dog’s energy and help to focus its attention. 4. Toys

Playing with appropriate toys can also help to calm a hyper dog. Toys that can be chewed on or that dispense treats can help to keep the dog occupied and provide a calming distraction.



Exercising the dog can help to tire it out and make it less hyper. A long walk or run, a trip to the park, or a game of fetch can all help to burn off some of the energy.

Here are 5 more tips, just in case you need them.

Dogs can get excited and become overexcited easily, especially when they are around new people or in a new environment. This can lead to them becoming hyper and difficult to control. Here are 5 more things you can do for a hyper dog:

  • Teach your dog basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, down, and come. This will help you keep them under control and calm them down.
  • If your dog is getting too excited, try to redirect their energy by playing with them or giving them a toy to chew on.
  • Make sure your dog gets enough exercise. A tired dog is a calm dog.
  • When you are around new people or in a new environment, keep your dog engaged and inviting. Don't shelter them.


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