4 Reasons to Start Giving Your Cat CBD Cat Treats

4 Reasons to Start Giving Your Cat CBD Cat Treats - Hemp Well

If you're like most pet parents, you want what's best for your feline friend. When it comes to finding the right treats, you may be considering CBD cat treats. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. CBD has a variety of potential health benefits, including reducing anxiety, improving joint health, and more. Here are 4 reasons why CBD cat treats may be the right choice for your feline friend.

1. CBD May Calm Your Cat

If your cat experiences anxiety from situational stress, CBD-infused cat treats may help to ease their nerves. CBD has been shown to be assist in reducing anxiety in humans and some animals, so it stands to reason that it could work for your anxious kitty as well.

Cats can suffer from anxiety, just like humans. If your cat is anxious and stressed from everyday tasks, CBD may be able to help.

Studies on CBD and Anxiety

Adding CBD to your cat's daily routine may help with everyday anxiety and stress. A study published last year showed that when CBD was given to rats, it reduced their anxiety and improved their ability to sleep. CBD may work similarly in cats, helping them to feel more relaxed and calm.

2. Aches & Discomfort

CBD may also help with relief from everyday aches and discomfort, which can be beneficial for older cats or those who may also have chronic health conditions. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine found that CBD was effective at reducing inflammation and pain in rats.

In addition to reducing inflammation, CBD has also been shown to be effective in treating pain in rats. A 2018 study looked at the effects of CBD on rats with osteoarthritis, finding that CBD was able to reduce pain and improve joint function. CBD may also be effective in treating other forms of chronic pain such as neuropathic pain and migraine headaches.

3. CBD May Bring Increased Energy

CBD is believed to help the endocannabinoid system. Yes, cats bodies produce cannabinoids, and as they age their bodies need more. Cannabinoids from nature like CBD can help stimulate this system.


4. Nature is A Better First Step

Hemp Well is a natural, non-toxic alternative to conventional supplements for cats, and is unlikely to cause any adverse side effects. Starting with a natural product makes sense for many pet parents before considering chemical options.

With any supplement, always ask your veterinarian first. Many veterinarians understand the benefits, complications and more specific, your vet knows your pet's health history.

CBD cat treats

CBD cat treats and CBD oil are a great way to help your feline friend feel their best. Orally is the best, CBD Oil may be more effective but CBD cat chews are easier to administer. Cats can be very particular, so whatever form your cat accepts is usually best.