200 Times More Hemp In Our Pet Soft Chews

200 Times More Hemp In Our Pet Soft Chews - Hemp Well

When we started over a decade ago, there was not a lot of options in the marketplace. However, today the marketplace (roughly 90% of our competition) still makes use of cheap fillers like MCT, coconut and even sunflower oil. Hemp Well is just hemp. Like nature intended.

We never pixie-dust. In any of our soft chews. If we can replace hard to pronounce fillers and additives with the hemp plant, we did. As a result all of our soft chews have, on average, 200X more hemp than our nearest competitors.

Other CBD dog chews are simply that. Pixiedusted CBD into an existing, preservative rich product. We didn't take an off the shelf chew and add CBD. This is why we are the best CBD dog treats available in the marketplace.

We have sourced organic hemp responsibly since 2012. Let us help in your pet's journey.