Bird Hemp

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Hemp Oil For Birds. Perfect Omegas For Bird’s Health!


Bird Hemp: Everyday Omegas For Birds

When administered orally as a supplement, the ideal ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids found in Bird Hemp oil may help support immune system. When applied topically, it helps maintain healthy skin and may assist with inflammation from daily activities. Omega-3 fatty acids help decrease normal inflammatory pathways.

Bird Hemp is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and contains less than 0.3% THC. Hemp Well products will never get your pet high.

Bird Hemp Oil:

  • Assists with your bird’s joint support.
  • May assist with inflammation from everyday activities.
  • Administers ideal ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Provides senior bird health support.
  • Supports your bird’s immune system.


  • All natural and GMO free.
  • Made from virgin, cold-pressed, paper filtered hemp oil that is safe for your feathered friends.
  • Responsibly grown without relying on toxic chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.
  • All Hemp Well products are derived from sustainable and safe farming techniques.
  • Made in the USA.

Product Info:

    • 2 ounce (60ml) bottle of Bird Hemp oil.
    • 90 Day Average Supply.
    • Contains no filler oils, Just Hemp.
    • All of our hemp is organic, GMO-FREE, and sourced responsibly.
    • For bird use only.

Directions For Use:

Administer orally for birds. Best if delivered sublingual (under the tongue) and 20 minutes before meals. Doses can be split up during the day.

7 reviews for Bird Hemp

  1. Editor Sandy Lender

    I have a whole blog series about Winston’s progress with the Hemp Well for birds on the parrot magazine website; he’s doing better!

  2. Sandy Lender

    I am the publisher of In Your Flock magazine and I have used this product with success to help Winston the Eclectus with his feather destructive habit. I’ve written about the use of the product after numerous other attempts to interrupt Winnie’s plucking behavior at the magazine’s website. I recommend the use of Bird Hemp on wet food daily.

  3. Mackenzie Ryle

    I have an African grey who I recently adopted who has been plucking for 10 years. I just started her on the Hemp oil and she has had two days of it mixed into her chop and is still eating it all! Will update with any progress in feather plucking.

  4. Raja

    Didn’t do much

    • Humphrey Hemp Well

      Raja, can you share more about your bird, what you administered, how much? Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Rob Beebe

    I noticed a behavior change by the second day of taking the hemp well product and she is calmer and not plucking herself as much if at all now. I have a 6 yr old umbrella cockatoo whom i adopted 3 months ago, who had already been plucking herself, hard to handle of course. Her previous owners did not give her any attention with the exception of 20 mins a day. Now she is with me and i am retired navy with all the time she needs me to be with her everyday. She doesnt bite me, doesnt scream or have tantrums and enjoys cuddling a lot more since her daily doses of hemp well. She doesnt like taking it orally so i have to apply the drops on her back, either way she gets it.

    I will continue using this product when i need more.

  6. Rodica M.

    This is an excellent product and it helped my African Grey, Max. I used it on the bold parts of his neck as well. The feathers started to grow back.

  7. Jenny Potter

    I bought this for my Hahns Macaw as his been plucking real bad so thought I would give this a go after using other products that really didn’t help.His only been taking it for 5 days and seems to be not plucking as much.Wish I could buy it in Australia buy no luck,so if it continues to work will be happy to purchase again

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