5 Things To Know Before Giving Your Pet CBD

#1  Where is the product sourced from?

How responsible is the company providing the hemp for your pet? Do they use filler oils? And, where are their farms located to make their products?

#2  Soft Chew (Treats) or Oil Form?

Administered orally, CBD oil under the tongue will deliver more active ingredients than CBD digested in a chew form.

#3  What About Filler Oils?

Companies use filler oils like MCT, coconut or olive oils and are looking to save a buck. CBD oil mixed with hempseed oil is better than cheap filler oils.

#4  How Much To Administer?

Reputable hemp companies (like Hemp Well) will maintain compliant dosage instructions with Warnings and Cautions. 

#5  Will CBD Heal My Pet?

While hemp is generally regarded as safe, it is not a drug. No clinical studies have been conducted with pets. Speak with your veterinarian first before starting CBD.

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