Before you give your dog CBD it is important to understand these 5 things.



Soft Chew or Oil

Administered orally, hemp oil under the tongue will deliver more active ingredients (almost twice as much) than hemp oil digested in a chew form. 

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Filler oils?

When you understand that hemp has a better omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acid ratio than fish, flax or krill oils, why would any manufacturer mix their CBD into a MCT or olive oil filler? The answer is simple; Companies using filler oils like MCT, coconut or olive oils are looking to save a buck. 

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Proper Dosage

Product labels should have dosage instructions based upon your animal’s weight.  Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than humans. They require less CBD than us. A little goes a long way! Start smaller and add more.

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Potency and getting what you paid for is always important. Even more important, are CBD products tested for metals and other toxins. Make sure your CBD is 3rd party tested.

Product Testing

Will CBD Cure my dog?

Any company claiming to cure your dog's disease must be looked at more closely. While lots of happy dog parents have had great results, CBD is not a drug and yet to be approved by the FDA. Discuss any supplement like CBD with your veterinarian first.

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