The Top Basic Dog Commands That Should Be Taught To Your Pup!

Growing up a puppy is like having a toddler. They need to be taught and trained with commands and activities. Training your puppy with these basic commands will help you and the little guy to communicate and understand each other. Pet parents need to spend time with young pups to teach them the basic dog commands that they need to learn. This will ensure a happy environment for the dog as well.

Things To Know Before Teaching Basic Dog Commands:

  1. Choose a time of the day when you are free and when the dog is calm and relaxed.
  2. Training sessions need to be in a quiet place that is free of distraction for the pup.
  3. Keep lots of treats handy to offer as rewards.

The Top Six Basic Dog Commands:

  1. Sit: This is the easiest and common command that is taught to every dog. You could teach them the action by gently applying pressure near their back and saying the command. A few tries and your pup will easily learn this. Remember to reward the pup for good behavior with a small treat immediately as soon as they obey.
  2. Down: This is another important basic command. Once your dog learns this, it is easy to keep them off the kitchen counters and tables. This position is also known to relax your dogs.
  3. Stay: This command is useful when you have someone at the door or guests at home. By using this command, you could teach them to be confined to one place until you call them.
  4. Come: This command can be used when he gets off leash while walking him or if you are calling him inside the house from the backyard. This is one of the basic dog commands that comes handy most of the times.
  5. Leave It: This is a crucial command that can be used while playing and while your dog gets all crazy picking up stuff at home. It might also help when they pick up some dangerous stuff in their mouth and you need to get it off their mouth.
  6. No: This is something that we teach our kids as well. It is more of a precautionary command to keep them from climbing onto furniture, or when displaying unacceptable activities.


Teach one command a day and soon they might learn all the six basic dog commands. When they do well, always encourage your pup with lots of cuddles and treats. Every dog might learn at a different pace of speed. Do not rush them and enjoy teaching the basic commands to your dog.

Have fun!