Sully – Service Dog Of The Late President Bush Joins Walter Reed

Sully the service dog is a yellow labrador who was serving the late President George H.W.Bush, is now all set to join his new role in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Maryland.

Sully, the 2-year-old pooch was read out the personalized oath on Wednesday, the 27th of February in order to serve wounded veterans. He was then fitted with a new military uniform.

Duties of Sully As A Service Dog:

Sully is appointed to join the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to reduce stress in patients and staff.

Sully Dog Post-Hemp Well

Service dogs play a very important role in assisting veterans with their daily activities and help them gain their confidence and independence. Service dogs like Sully have great temperament, stay calm and can handle pressure. Sully served as a great service dog to the late President George H.W.Bush in his old age. Sully was trained to attend phone calls and also in turning lights on and off.

He won the hearts of many when his picture went viral in the media. He was calm and resting near President George H.W.Bush’s casket. Sully has his own Instagram page where you could follow him for more pictures and news.