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Bird 100

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Maximum strength cannabinoids for birds.

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Hemp CBD For Birds


When used orally as a supplement, the cannabinoids, omega-3 fatty and omega-6 acids found in Bird 100 may help support the immune system, curb destructive behavior and promote relaxation. Applied topically, hemp oil helps maintain healthy skin and supports a healthy inflammatory response. Omega-3 fatty acids help decrease normal inflammatory pathways. Recommended to support the immune system, to maintain body function, and may help inflammation associated with everyday activities.

  • Supports Joint Function
  • May assist with destructive behavior, feather plucking.
  • Immune & Heart Health
  • Senior Support
  • Organic and GMO Free
  • Maintain body function
  • Made in the USA


Product Info:

    • 2 ounce (60ml) bottle of hemp CBD oil.
    • 90 Day Average Supply.
    • 1.67 mg of CBD per eyedropper (1 mL).
    • 3100 mg of cannabinoids per bottle.
    • Contains no filler oils, Just Hemp.
    • All of our hemp is organic, GMO-FREE, and sourced responsibly.
    • Contains less than 5 percent by weight of naturally occurring cannabinoids.
    • For bird use only.



Directions For Use:

Administer orally. Best if delivered sublingual (under the tongue) and 20 minutes before meals. Doses can be split up during the day.


Bird Weight Dosage Per Day
Under 2 pounds 1/4 Full eyedropper (0.25 mL)
2- 4 pounds 1/3 Full eyedropper (0.33 mL)
Over 4 pounds 1/2 Full eyedroppers (0.5 mL)



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Hemp Relief 300 for dogs


Additional information

Weight 4.3 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 4.75 in

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  1. New Advocate

    My sun conure has separation anxiety, anytime I left his line of sight he would start squawking and would go on until I came back. My spouse was getting extremely irritated and at one point almost made me get rid of him. I was worried it would eventually lead to feather plucking so I decided to try this. I mix it into his seed which is separate from his fresh fruit and vegetables. As he eats it throughout the day it has helped tremendously. He doesn’t panic when I’m not around and he has gotten much quieter. He actually does more soft little chirps like when he is content. Definitely a new staple for his diet and may get some for my dogs before the New Years fireworks starts picking up.

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