There are more daily Google searches for CBD than dog food

CBD for dogs. Hemp Well product lineup

Google Trends is a very effective tool for any business. It allows them to find out what people are searching for. More important, what their consumers want to purchase and what questions they have about their products. Our company knows one thing for certain, keyword searches for CBD related search terms are through the roof. CBD is searched more often than dog food, veterinarian, dog toys and ‘where is my stimulus’.

70% of pet parents learn about CBD through the internet and industry polling through the American Pet Products Association suggests that 80% would prefer to purchase hemp (CBD) products for their pet in person at a brick and mortar store.

However, it turns out that my local gas station owner is a better marketer than my local pet store. CBD products are conveniently and prominently displayed near gas station registers — right next to the Bic lighters while CBD products for pets suffer a lonely existence down the untraveled supplement aisle inside most pet stores.

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