Martha Stewart’s CBD For Dogs Doesn’t Stack Up

Martha Stewart has recently launched her own line of CBD products for dogs. But how do these products compare based upon the Hemp Well standard?


Manufacturers of products have to make a profit. One way to shave a few more dollars from the bottom line is the use of cheap fillers and non-organic, non USA ingredients.

Lots of company’s evolve and eventually formulate better products as their market share grows. For now, Martha’s oil product line needs to move in a more natural and organic direction. Unlike our #JustHemp approach, all of the company’s CBD oils consist primarily of sunflower seed oil.

Martha Stewart is a tremendous ambassador for the education of hemp use in our pets. We are confident her product line will evolve to represent her devotion to pet health.

Sunflowers are very much affected by root weevils and other attackers. Pesticides are used to fight root weevils when growing sunflowers in nearly all instances. These same pesticides have been attributed to negative health effects and even some pet fatalities. Sunflower seeds are also extremely high with Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids are responsible for inflammation.

It just seems Natural that hemp oil would be a better delivery system for cannabinoids (CBD) than sunflower oil. 

Hemp Well is Just Hemp.  It’s Nature’s way to deliver hemp’s cannabinoids and its omegas; by hemp oil and not by sunflower oil.  Hemp Well is Just Hemp, just like Nature intended.

You (and Martha) can Find Hemp Well products at thousands of retailers nationwide and online. Find your Hemp Well at

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