Martha Stewart’s CBD For Dogs Doesn’t Stack Up

Martha Stewart claims that she only makes CBD products for dogs because she doesn’t like cats. After taking a deeper look into her product lineup you could argue she doesn’t like dogs either.

To be fair Martha just lent her name to Canopy Growth Corporation, the largest pot company in the galaxy. It’s not exactly Martha who opted for cheap, inflammatory and inferior fillers – sunflower oil – it is her publicly traded partner looking to maximize their profits.

We understand. Lots of company’s evolve and eventually formulate better products. Canopy does have good process’ in place and an advocate in Martha. They just need to move in a natural and organic direction. Hemp Well has challenged our peers since the beginning to use only organic, natural, pesticide and chemical free options for pets.

Sunflowers are very much affected by root weevils and other attackers. Pesticides are used to fight root weevils when growing sunflowers in nearly all instances. These same pesticides have been attributed to negative health effects and even some pet fatalities.

It just seems Natural that hemp oil would be a better delivery system for cannabinoids (CBD) than sunflower oil. 

Hemp Well is Just Hemp.  It’s Nature’s way to deliver hemp’s cannabinoids and its omegas; by hemp oil and not by sunflower oil.  Hemp Well is Just Hemp, just like Nature intended.

You (and Martha) can Find Hemp Well products at thousands of retailers nationwide and online. Find your Hemp Well at