Keep Your Pet Calm This Halloween

Halloween can be a very frightening day of year for your pets and not in the fun-scarey-way. The noises, children, and costumes may be too much for your best friend. Some things you might consider this Halloween to minimize their stress.

  1. Just because you like to dress up doesn’t mean they will. If your furry friend doesn’t want to dress up as a princess, don’t force her.
  2. Are you dressing up? Your pet knows your smell but will often need to be reminded that it is you behind that mask. It can be confusing for them, so take off the mask throughout the night and remind them it’s really you.
  3. Let them hand out the first of the candy so they understand what is going on. If it is too much, consider a comfortable room away from the trick-or-treater action and leave the TV or radio on to mask the new noises.
  4. Consider boarding. While we all want to enjoy every holiday with our pets sometimes that is not possible. Maybe a friend, family member or local boarder can take over for a few hours, or the entire night.
  5. Calming supplements like Hemp Well’s organic line of calm products may help to take the edge off and turn a stressful experience into a lasting memory and annual tradition.