I’m Ready to Hire a Housekeeper, Is My Dog Ready?

You are prepared to hire a housekeeper and looking forward to your new found time away from the vacuum. If you are unable to separate your dog from the cleaning professional or leave the house with your dog, it is best your dog will not interfere in the cleaning.

Some parents will cage their dog during scheduled cleaning visits. Some dogs are gracious enough to stay clear of the busy housekeepers. Maybe your dog is somewhere in the middle. Or, way off the deep end when the vacuum engines rev.

New Tricks You Can Learn:

Many folks are home more often and you may be home during the cleaning visit. You can comfort and distract while your house is being cleaned. Never distract the cleaners, just your dog.

Schedule your dogs grooming trips during scheduled cleaning days/time. This may get you off the hook for a few house cleanings.

Plan a date with your dog while the house is being cleaned. Most housekeepers will agree that not having client and/or their parents around is better for everyone.

Leave your dog outside. Only if she is comfortable outside and the temperature is just right.

Leave your dog in a room with the door shut while the housekeepers are cleaning. That room will be off limits for cleaning until the following visit. Shift the dog room the next visit. Repeat.

Calming Soft Chews