Getting Your Cat And Dog To Get Along: Tips For Pet Parents!

Cats and dogs not being able to get along is a very common misconception. If done right your cats and dogs should be able to get along just fine. It will take plenty of time and patience if cats have not grown up around dogs and vice versa.

Dogs and cats can have very different personalities. Getting them to get along may be something you will have to work at slowly for a long time or it may be something that will just never happen because of the animals personalties. You can never force an animal to like another animal. That does not mean that cannot live together without issue.

Tips To Get Your Cat and Dog Get Along:

Start Slow:

Do not rush and expect them to be alright within a day. Give them time and make sure there is enough space to keep them away from each other when needed. You can put something that smells like the cat in the dogs area and put something that smells like the dog in the cats area. That way they can get used to each others scents and learn about each other. This also works for introducing two cats to each other as well.


Teaching cats and dogs to get along at much younger age can be easier than trying to do so as adults. If you are introducing a puppy to an older feline or a kitten to an older dog, be precautious as the little ones may get hurt easily. Having them grow up with each other is the best way to ensure they will get along in the future.

How to get cat and dog to get along-Hemp Well

Relaxed Face To Face Introduction:

Ensure your cat is relaxed and being held comfortably during the first meeting. Make sure to give them plenty of space between each other so they do not feel threatened. Your dog can be kept on a leash and held by another person. You can help keep your dog calm and relaxed with help from Hemp Wells Calm Dog Chews. If the dog is calm, you could slowly let your cat down to wander and sniff around the room. Simultaneously, you could extend the leash and let the dog sniff around the feline. Reward your dog with treats for obeying commands and behaving.

Pamper Both Of The Pets Equally:

Jealousy among animals in a communal space is very common. Try not to show too much affection to one animal and not the other.

Food and Toys Separated:

It is best to keep your dog’s and cat’s food bowls and toys separated inside the house. Feed them at the same time as well to avoid any fights.

While you are away, it is best to keep them separated until they are comfortable with each other. Getting a cat and dog get along to live harmoniously might seem challenging at first but it’s definitely worth doing it in the end. It is such a joy to see them mingle and stay friends forever.

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