Zero adverse events reported with hemp use in birds

Zero adverse events reported with hemp use in birds - Hemp Well

Now with over 1,000,000 administrations from our bird-hemp product line, and with no adverse events reported, we’re ready for our next big step. What might that be, you say? Well, for many new products in the marketplace, like a hemp supplement for birds, there’s little research available for bird owners and veterinarians to base their decisions upon. So we are borrowing from the old concept of “field research” to provide a survey for bird owners. The survey will allow bird owners, whose bird is using or has used hemp, to record their observations related to their bird's health and hemp. The survey's objective is simple: to provide insights from bird owners that have used hemp as a health supplement for their bird. The goal is to provide a springboard of information for the scientific community. We’ll probably never reach our goal, but what if?

Starting out 8 years ago by providing a hemp supplement to his family’s ill cat, Ginger, Hemp Well can now be found around the country in both local pet stores and big chains. To keep the survey focused and on task, the founder of Hemp Well, Ryan Richmond, has created and funded a non-profit to drive the survey, BirdHemp.Org.

What else would you expect from a company that believes in natural, sustainable products?

Since 2017, Hemp Well has reported monthly product sales, administrations, and follows a complete adverse event reporting protocol across our entire product lineup in partnership with the FDA. In over 5,000,000 administrations, we have not reported a single adverse event related to the use of our products in dog, cat, bird or horse use.

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