Puppy, It's Cold Outside! 5 Tips For Winter Skin Health

Puppy, It's Cold Outside! 5 Tips For Winter Skin Health - Hemp Well

Winter is here and with it, cold weather. No matter where you or your dog live on the planet (outside of the tropics) here are a few things you should know this winter.

Coming out of the cold then lying around in a dry heated home can cause flaking, cracked and irritated skin, and may lead to more serious problems. And that bath she takes, that may be removing essential oils from her skin, oils that help sensitive paws adapt to cold weather. And for some of us (we're in Michigan), harsh chemicals from ice-melting agents will penetrate dry, cracked paws.

Dr. Louise Murray, ASPCA Director of Medicine says, “During the winter, products used as de-icers on sidewalks and other areas can lead to trouble for our animal companions, potentially causing problems ranging from sore feet to internal toxicity. Pet parents should take precautions to minimize their furry friends' exposure to such agents.”

Top 5 Tricks To Keep Your Dog's Skin Protected This Winter.

  1. Make sure to run your humidifier. Heat from your furnace or boiler will suck additional moisture from already cold, dry winter air. Moisturize your skin, too.
  2. Booties are great! They help to minimize contact with harmful salts, liquid ice-melting agents and anti-freeze (poison).
  3. Consider a product like Hemp Balm to protect and repair the damage that winter can bring to sensitive paws and skin.
  4. If it is too cold for you to be outside, it is too cold for them. Stay inside and cuddle up with a good book together.
  5. Always brush your dog and stay committed to the practice. Your vacuum cleaner will not only thank you, but the practice stimulates blood circulation. Brushing dead hair will improve skin health and allow that new winter fur coat to flourish.