Natural Remedies to Reduce Dog Anxiety

Natural Remedies to Reduce Dog Anxiety - Hemp Well

Anxiety and depression are common in dogs. But we first need to find the root cause that causes stress and anxiety. Anxiety in dogs not only leads to destructive behavior but when left unattended, might lead to decreased life span. Chronic stress and anxiety in your dogs, have a negative impact on your pet’s mental and physical health and they also deprive their immune system making your dog susceptible to infections.

What Causes Dog Anxiety and Stress?

Pets get extremely tensed and become restless when they are separated from their pet owners. Dogs that are separated from their owners for long periods of time are the most commonly affected. Lack of physical activities and environmental factors such as thunderstorms, fireworks also contribute to anxiety in dogs.

What are the Symptoms of Dog Anxiety?

Not all dogs exhibit the same signs and symptoms of anxiety but the most common signs are:

  • Fear
  • Panting
  • Aggression
  • Excessive Barking
  • Destructive Behaviors
  • Over licking themselves

Natural Ways and Remedies to Help Dogs with Anxiety and Stress:

Socialize: Make sure to take your dogs to parks and let them socialize with other dogs and owners.

Physical Exercise: The most natural remedy for anxiety and depression for dogs is by ensuring to provide adequate physical activity and let out stress. This is beneficial for humans as well.

Distraction: Make sure to distract your dogs from anxiety by engaging them in play or giving them a chew to draw their attention from environmental factors such as thunderstorms and fireworks. They can also be given organic calming chews that support in this time period.

Massage: Dogs do love massages and you could spend five to ten minutes every day to give them a gentle massage and tummy rubs. This greatly helps in reducing their anxiety and stress levels and naturally creates a special bond between you and your dog.

Hemp oils: Hemp oil is a natural remedy to help relieve stress from every day activities in pets. Hemp Well Calm oil is extracted by organic farming methods and made in the USA. It also contains Chamomile herb that is known to relax and calm your dog and soothe their stomach during stressful situations.

A home with a happy dog is welcoming to go back after a day’s work. Make sure your dogs are healthy and happy!


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