Is CBD Safe For Cats?

Is CBD Safe For Cats? - Hemp Well

We have heard this question from many customers and friends. The answer is not always clear. What kind of hemp CBD product and how much your cat consumes can be a concern. Cats can be sensitive to terpenes. Some CBD oils are high in terpenes and intended for people but marketed to cats.

Hemp Well products are manufactured with cats in mind (and really all pets). Too often cats lack necessary enzymes to properly digest the compounds found in hemp (terpenes).

Too often a hemp or CBD product created for humans is re-packaged and sold to pet owners. This approach could be harmful. Unlike humans, cats did not evolve in the wild on a plant based diet. Neither did dogs. So the claims of terpene benefit regarding humans may have merit, the science with our pets is still lacking. More observation and clinical tests will prove invaluable to better pet outcomes.

Additionally, proteins in hemp oil may also add weight, but not a lot. This may be good or bad for your cat. Talk to your veterinarian before administering any supplement to your cat.