How to know if your dog is in pain

How to know if your dog is in pain - Hemp Well

Most commonly our dogs experience pain in silence and we as pet parents miss to understand what they are going through. Dogs cannot communicate in the human language and hence we constantly need to look out for signs that indicate that your dog is in pain.

The reason for pain in dogs might be due to any previous injury, aging, chronic diseases, infections, and joint aches.

Common Symptoms that Signal Your Dog Is In Pain:

Your dogs may not play with you or greet you like before when you return home. Your dog might hide away and any noticeable changes like these might indicate that your dog is in pain.

Dogs in pain might be more vocal by yelping, howling and growling to indicate to you that they are suffering. Constant cry outs should be a great sign to remember that your dog is in pain.  

Dogs in pain tend to sleep more and also might not show a lot of interest in eating even their favorite food and treats. This clearly indicates that a dog is in pain and immediate care is required.

Check out for inflammation in paws, face and other body parts that is a sign to know your dog is in pain. This might be due to injuries, infections or any other health issues.

Limping, stiffness and refusing to climb stairs, jumping might all indicate that your dog is in pain. Some dogs might also tremble and shake while in pain and these cannot be always due to age or just feeling cold.

Ways to Help If Your Dog Is In Pain:

Provide a comfortable space at home where your dogs can rest and recover.

Padded bedding and a balanced nutritious diet will help your dogs to recover quick.

Have a bottle of pain relief oil and chews like Hemp Well Relief handy which aids in aches and discomfort caused due to everyday activities and relaxes dogs.

Consider a visit to the veterinarian if the signs continue. They might examine your dog and make the right diagnoses.

Our dog’s health is important to every pet parent and we have to take every step to ensure that your pooch is back in track with good health and energy.