How to Get Shiny healthy feathers for your Birds?

How to Get Shiny healthy feathers for your Birds? - Hemp Well

The very first thing we notice in birds are their colorful long feathers. Dull and lifeless feathers are not visually appealing and it also means that your birds lack in health. Topical application of oils and consumption of essential fatty acids contribute towards maintaining healthy and shiny feathers of your birds.

Good fats are also required to maintain robust health and these good fats aid in absorption of other vitamins like A, D, K and E.

Where do we find these Fatty acids?

The essential fatty acids that aid in maintaining of bird feathers is commonly found in nuts like walnut, pecans and hemp seeds, flaxseeds and sesame seeds, . But unfortunately , these are not easily digestible and bird’s system cannot completely extract the essential fatty acids from whole food sources resulting in lusterless feathers. Hence, we need to introduce essential fatty acid oils to our birds.

How are essential fatty oils different from natural food sources?

The most essential fatty acids are Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that helps in promoting bird health and beautiful shiny feathers. These fatty acids are so much beneficial that apart from helping in coat health and shiny feathers, they also assist body from tissue damage and aids in immune development and promoting relaxation for birds.

There are a variety of essential fatty acid oils like the Primrose oil, Hemp oil and Flaxseed oil. These oils can be easily administered to birds and can be mixed along with the bird food. These oils can also be applied topically on your bird’s feather to make them shiny and dewy.

Hemp oil has a balanced amount of Omega 3 Omega 6 fatty acids which help to maintain glowy and shiny feathers. Essential oils also help the birds to calm down and restrain from activities like feather plucking, screaming and cage fights.

Your birds know the best. Add these essential fatty acids to your bird’s diet and see the shine and lush on their feathers and coat.

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