How do I know if my dog is sick?

How do I know if my dog is sick? - Hemp Well

Is your furry friend acting strange? Is she not her usual self? Check out these signs to tell if your dog may be sick.

The most obvious sign of a sick dog is when she stops eating. If her appetite does not come back after a full day then something could be wrong.   If your dog is drinking more water than usual - this is an indication that something might not be quite right.   Not laying on your lap. Unusually strange behavior.  

Are her eyes cloudy, bloodshot, pupils dilated, or a sad look that you had not seen before? The eyes are the window to everything.  

Is it unusual that your sweet girl is peeing on the floor? Abnormal accidents are a sign of trouble. Also, runny stool or blood in the stool are red flags. This is a clear and definite sign of something being wrong.  

Is she licking her paws a lot? This may be a sign of allergy. If your dog is licking far more than normal they may be trying to tell you and your veterinarian something.