Hemp Well - How we became a family business

Hemp Well - How we became a family business - Hemp Well

When our family rescued Ginger we fell in love right away. She was sweet, playful and adored her brother Jack. Unfortunately, her health had been severely impacted from being left outside in the cold Michigan winter as a newborn kitten.

Her teeth were eventually removed before her first birthday, and her cat focused veterinarian tried a cocktail of options to get her back on course. Not much seemed to help.

Eventually, after several overnight stays at the cat hospital, surgeries and medications, her Vet suggested that we put Ginger out of her misery. I knew that there might be a better way. I declined her offer and took Ginger back home.

At that time, in 2012, CBD was just becoming a thing. If it was good enough for people then maybe my cat could benefit I thought. We started administering non-psychoactive CBD right away.

It turned out that it did help. Ginger's health improved, the veterinarian was amazed and my family was able to spend an additional 5 years with her.

Through my journey of CBD and hemp health for pets, I learned that I was not a very good pet parent. I rarely read food packaging labels, understood ingredients and gave Ginger table scraps.

Our journey with hemp led us to becoming better pet parents and eventually founding Hemp Well. Today, our products (all inspired by Ginger) are enjoyed by all pet types, sold at thousands of retailers in the US, and trusted by pet parents everywhere.

Ryan Richmond, founder

We have sourced organic hemp responsibly since 2012. Let us help in your pet's journey.