Dog Storm Anxiety: How To Help Your Pet Stay Calm?

Dog Storm Anxiety: How To Help Your Pet Stay Calm? - Hemp Well

Just like most children, our dogs get very anxious and stressed during storms leading to a condition called Dog storm Anxiety. It is heartbreaking to watch our most well behaved and beloved pets panic, pant and hide during the first clap of a thunderstorm.

What causes stress in Dogs during Storms?

Veterinarians and animal enthusiasts are not sure if it is the noise or the flashing lights or any other part that causes the dogs to stress out and lead to storm anxiety. Not all dogs react the same way but every one of them will have special sensitivities and they might react accordingly. Pooches can sense the changes in pressure and frequencies and this might lead to stress breakouts in them. Dog Storm anxiety is real in all breeds of dogs and experts advice not to leave it unattended as they do not get better on their own. Storm anxiety and stress might cause mental and behavioral problems in your dogs.

Ways to Help Your Pets from Storm Anxiety and Stress:

1. Rewards for Calm Behavior:

Not just during thunderstorms, but train your dogs to obey for strong calming commands such as 'Stay' and 'Quiet' even during the regular days. Do give them treats when they listen and obey you.

2. Create a Safe-place for dogs during Storm Anxiety:

Help your pets feel safe during storm situations by leaving them in a crate or safe under the bed. Give them their favorite toy or bedding to make sure they feel comfortable and do not experience storm anxiety.

3. Cover the Ears during Storm Anxiety:

Minimizing the sounds they hear will help them calm down and be stress-free. Invest in ear muffs for your dogs to lower the sound and keep them calm.

4. Calming chews and Oils for Relief from Storm Anxiety:

Relax and calm your dog through calming aids such as Hemp Well chews and Hemp Well Calm Pet . These are great friends to calm your pets from Storm Anxiety and stressful situations from everyday activity. They can be easily administered to your dog who respond to environmentally induced stress.

5. De-sensitize your Dogs to the Sounds:

Train your pets to thunderstorm sounds during regular days by playing them in low volumes, especially before an impending storm and make them get accustomed to it. Reward them with lots of treats and cuddles at this point in time.

Most importantly, do not shout or scold them during stressful situations. All these simple ways could greatly help your stressed dogs calm down and relax and make them feel better.