Dog and Cat CBD sold on Chewy (where is it?)

Dog and Cat CBD sold on Chewy (where is it?) - Hemp Well

If you are looking to purchase CBD for your dog on Chewy, you are out of luck. The online pet marketplace is not allowing these products for sale on their site. What you can find is hempseed oil extracted products for your pooch. The hemp (cannabis) plant is more than just CBD.

Hemp Well offers our NON CBD line of products to pet parents on and our full line inside independent pet specialty retailers across the United States.

The decision not to sell CBD is a position that many large retailers have taken despite full 'legalization' by Congress. Many speculate that retailers with a pharmacy (like or your local Walmart do not sale CBD because of issues pertaining to their pharmacy licensure.

Good news is if you do need CBD rich products from broad spectrum hemp (more than the seed benefits) you can find them right here or through thousands of other retailers.