Best CBD treats for dogs

Best CBD treats for dogs - Hemp Well

Looking for the best hemp CBD treats for dogs? There is more than just the cannabinoid (CBD) properties of the cannabis plant when considering purchasing a hemp product for your pet. The Omega 3 and Omega 6 value of hemp may deliver more benefits than fish, flax or krill oils. And, ensuring your treats use only organic ingredients, made in the USA and non GMO.

Hemp Well's line of soft chew supplements may assist with aches and discomfort from everyday activities, support body function, increase mobility, promote relaxation or boost a healthy immune system. Unlike other chews available in the marketplace, we have, on average, 5 times the amount of hemp packed into each treat. We never use heat in our process.

You can also find Hemp Well CBD treats at a pet supply retailer near you.

Your dog will taste and appreciate the difference.

Best CBD treats for dogs

Each of our soft chew cups contain an average 30 day supply.